About Us

MamaStay is all about self-care in a fast-paced world. 
When I first became a mom and came home to my new world turned upside down, focusing on caring for baby became my number one priority and #selfcare pretty much went out the window. After a few weeks at home, skipping showers, forgetting to brush teeth and other basic necessities, I started reading online about how other moms coped with the shock of new motherhood and tending to their basic needs —turned out many struggled with the same challenges.
It turns out, we were not meant to do it alone — in traditional postpartum practice, the initial time when a mom and new baby first come home is sacred, and and typically includes a specified rest period, a prescribed diet, and organized support from family members. 
Western cultures have fewer instances of cultural postpartum practices, and as I went on my search to find some help with #selfcare, the options I found were few and far between.
The truth is, many families today are fragmented and many moms are living removed from immediate families, dealing with the pressure of returning to work, finding childcare, and making sense of their new identity—with all that pressure, how do you even find time for #selfcare ?
Somewhere in the haze of living this new-mom experience I came up with MamaStay — the #selfcare kit for new moms. My goal is to help fill the postpartum care gap that we lack in the western world and help you find time to #selfcare.
Enjoy, mama! And remember #selfcare to care — like they say on airplanes: 
If you are travelling with a child or someone who requires assistance, secure your own mask first, and then assist the other person. 
—what initially seems like a selfish act at first, is actually a condition of being able to care for others.